Tumbleweed is a member of the Paladins.

Caught in a "special munitions test" at Alamagorda, New Mexico, which apparently turned him into a plant-creature, Dane was a hero during the 1940s, when he was approached by the US Armed Forces to help them fight the Nazis. His actions during the war are unknown, but he and some other heroes were tasked with observing the Hiroshima bombing, whereupon they are abducted and conscripted into the Number of the Beast Program.

Within the Program, Tumbleweed was active with the Paladins as they fought evil in the simulacrum... until the High and the Eidolon destabilized the Program. After they were released, Tumbleweed teamed up with Mago and Engine Joe to find everyone he deemed responsible for the NOTB Program, starting with Zebulon McCandless, and punish them.[1]

World's End


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In the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Earth Tumbleweed did what he could to help by using his powers to make a mighty forest-like oasis in the Nevada desert, known as the Nevada Garden. It was created after hearing the wants of Paris to find a place for the animals to call home. Both he and the Kindred had been keeping the humans out of the Garden. Later the Wildcats showed up thinking it was made by the original Engineer and hoped that they could use it to rebuild the earth, but when they discovered it was mystical and not mechanical they asked Tumbleweed if he could make more. Sadly he explained he needed to stay in the oasis to keep it alive so only one can exist at one time; however, he promised to let humans feed off the oasis' grown food.[2]

Tumbleweed, and along with the other Paladins, later participated in Earth's war against the Knights of Khera. During the battle Tumbleweed witnessed Mago graphically killing one of the Knights, Sabre, and was somewhat shocked over the sorcerer's action.[3]


  • Unique Physiology: Edward's body is apparently composed of desert flora which he can manipulate at will.
    • Chlorokinesis: Tumbleweed has the ability to make plants in his vicinity grow.He also has the ability to make the plants within himself grow.
    • Size Alteration: He can change his own shape, so long as his mass and composition remains consistent.


  • Tumbleweed usually carried a Speak-E-Zee communications device while serving with the Paladins.



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