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Eddie Deacon, nicknamed Flippy for his deformed hands and feet, was the proprietor of the Oblivion Bar.

Eddie Deacon was born with deformed hands/arms and feet/legs more closely resembling seal flippers. His mother, reportedly a drug addict, sold him to a traveling carnival sideshow in exchange for drug money where he grew up and performed as Flippy.[1]

As the carnival passed nearby Gotham City, Flippy and other members of the sideshow carnival were left behind, and they started living in an abandoned house. A short time later, they met with Batman as he was chasing a killer on the loose. When one of the circus folks murdered another, the killer tried to use Flippy to force Batman into surrendering his chase. Batman apparently ceased his attempts and the killer tried to murder Flippy as well. However, Flippy was saved by Batman, who then captured the killer thanks to a clue provided by Flippy a few moments earlier.[2]

Eddie's encounter with Batman inspired him to pursue heroism though he acknowledged his physical limitations. Thus he decided to pursue heroism through magic and, after many unsuccessful attempts, encountered Madame Xanadu. She introduced Eddie to some mystical teachers who taught him to move objects with his mind. While he got very good at moving/coordinating multiple small objects at once, he was never able to move heavy objects. He attempted to earn a career as a bartender but finding employment was difficult due to his appearance. Thus, once Jim Rook, owner of the Oblivion Bar, and the rest of Shadowpact were stuck in Riverrock and presumed dead, Eddie picked the locks to and reopened the Bar. When Rook and his fellow Shadowpact members were revealed to be alive, Eddie allowed them to use the Oblivion as their headquarters once more. He has since given up active hope of being a superhero, content to own/operate a place where they hang out.[1]