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Edward Fyers is the field commander for a mercenary unit deployed to Lian Yu shortly before Oliver Queen is stranded on it.

By the time Oliver is on the island, Fyers is devoting much of his energies to hunting down Yao Fei. Oliver is eventually captured by Fyers' troops and tortured for information on Yao's wherabouts, but Yao manages to rescue Oliver and capture Fyers. Fyers offers to lead them to his private plane. As they proceed further into the jungle, Fyers tells Oliver that the island used to be a prison, used by the Chinese government to hold their most dangerous terrorists, which includes Yao. He reveals that they walked into a trap, as his troops orchestrate an ambush. Yao is captured, but Oliver escapes. Fyers manages to secure Yao's loyalty by using his daughter, Shado, and his real reason for being on the island is revealed, the island is a staging area for a large scale military operation, which includes ICBM launchers. Fyers reveals that his team has been hired by a powerful foreign interest seeking to destabilize the Chinese economy. They seek to accomplish this by using a SAM on a commercial airline bound for China, which the general public will believe to be an act of terrorism committed by Yao Fei. Fyers kills Yao, but Oliver, along with Shado and Slade Wilson, stop Fyers from launching the missile. Fyers becomes Oliver's first kill when he unsuccessfully attempts to use Shado as a hostage.


  • Edward Fyers was played by Sebastian Dunn.
  • It was the first live-action appearance of Eddie Fyers and also his first appearance outside of the mainstream comic books.



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