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Edward "Eddie" Fyers was a skilled mercenary and close allies of Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow.

He first met Oliver Queen when employed to the CIA when he was given the task of capturing or killing Shado who had committed murders in Seattle. This brought him into direct contact with Green Arrow who was also trying to capture Shado and also find the missing Black Canary.[1]

The two at first became enemies, with Green Arrow on the wrong side of the law. The two from time to time where forced to team up, at first Fyers did not trust Oliver and tried everything he could to take him down, even going so far as to implicate him in a terrorist attack. But as time went on the two found common ground. He became a close friend to Team Arrow. He left the CIA soon after and became freelance.

He grew to be a father figure to Connor Hawke, Oliver's son and the second to bear the name Green Arrow. Their relationship grew after Oliver died in a plane explosion near Metropolis while fighting off eco-terrorists. Eddie had promised Oliver to look after his son if anything were to happen to him, which he did, even after Oliver returned from the dead.

Eddie Fyers was seriously injured he had severe burns all over his body, which he had gotten by protecting Connor and Shado. He was last seen at the wedding of Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance.




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