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The Riddler is an enemy of the Batman obsessed with riddles.

Early Life

As a boy, young Edward Nigma was fascinated by riddles and puzzles. However, Nigma's

Young Edward Nigma

father despised the boy's intellectual pursuits and constantly shot down any puzzles the boy made. Nigma came to hate his sports-loving father.

In his early adulthood, Nigma became a thief who expertised in safe cracking. The thrill of cracking the puzzle of a safe always excited Edward. Later, he gave up this career to pursue a more intellectual path being a scientist.


After many months of being a scientist, Nigma, with his partner, Julie, created an invention that increased a person's IQ. When a snobby, rich man named Chuck Gormon offered to buy Nigma's creation, Nigma refused and pushed Gormon out of the lab.

Later, when showing off his invention to many scholars, the invention malfunctions and almost kills the test subject. Nigma assumes the hacker was none other than Gormon himself.

At Gormon's house one night, Nigma completely re-decorated and turned Gormon's house into a death trap. Thanks to the Batman, Gormon survives the death trap and the Riddler escapes for the first time.

Career as the Riddler

To make his riddles and clues more interesting, Riddler threatens with implanted chemo-bombs for every wrong answer and has no problems attracting people into danger for his games.


  • Genius Level Intellect: The Riddler is was a child prodigy and genius. As his name suggests, he is an expert at riddles.
  • Tactical Analysis: Nigma constantly has a plan to test his enemies like Chuck Gorman and the Batman.
  • Mechanical Aptitude: The Riddler has shown a lot of mechanical knowledge. At one point in his career, he single-handedl redesigned Chuck Gormon's house into a riddle-themed death trap.[1]
  • Adept Thief: Nigma states that, before he became the Riddler, he was a thief and master safe cracker. The thrill of solving the riddle of a safe was absolutely exciting to Nigma.[1]
  • Weaponry
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic)


  • Riddler's Cane: Riddler's question mark cane not only is rigged with a detonator but it has a sharp blade on the top that the Riddler uses to fight with.



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