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| Identity =
| Identity =
| Alignment = Bad
| Alignment = Bad
| Affiliation = [[The Joker (The Batman)|Joker]]<br>[[The Penguin (The Batman)|Penguin]]
| Affiliation = [[Joker (The Batman)|Joker]]<br>[[Penguin (The Batman)|Penguin]]
| Relatives =
| Relatives =
| Universe = The Batman (TV Series)
| Universe = The Batman (TV Series)

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A tragic origin in which a woman Riddler was in love pretended to return his affections so she could steal his technology and frame him for burglary, beginning his criminal career. It is also revealed that he had tried to kill his boss, Gorman, but was stopped by the Batman.

Criminal Career

To make his riddles and clues more interesting, Riddler threatens with implanted chemo-bombs for every wrong answer and has no problems attracting people into danger for his games.


technological genius
master strategist.

He was voiced by Robert Englund, famous for playing Freddie Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street.



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