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The Riddler was a game designer turned criminal mastermind who frequently tried to outwit Batman.


Edward Nygma was a software engineer for Competitron. When his latest game - "Riddle of the Minotaur" - came out, his boss Daniel Mockridge fired him, depriving him of the royalties. Nygma spent a few years developing the perfect revenge and he came up with the identity of "The Riddler". Using extremely complex puzzles, he started his revenge against Mockridge and although Batman and Robin tried to stop him, the Riddler escaped.[1]

Riddler's next step was to erase every trace and record of his criminal activities. For this purpose, he created a virtual reality simulation that worked as a distraction to ensnare Commissioner Gordon's mind while his henchmen destroyed his files. Once again, he was confronted by Batman, but this time, Riddler was captured and sent to Arkham Asylum.[2]



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