Year One

Edward Nygma is the butler of Samuel Whitmore, the biological father of Stargirl. But unbeknownst to his employer, Nygma is actually working for Baroness Paula von Gunther and is using Whitmore technology to make weapons for the German armies. He threatens Stargirl's life in the hopes that her step-sister Supergirl will come to rescue her. But Stargirl proves that she is not as helpless as she appears to be.

During the Battle of Britain, Nygma goes down into the sewers to activate the naval mines in the River Thames when he is suddenly interrupted by Batwoman. After trying to escape, Batwoman hands him over the British refugees. Big Barda flings Nygma out of the sewers and he ends up landing in the River Thames, where he meets up with the Baroness.

After the battle is lost, the Baroness escapes with Nygma.

Year Three

Nygma is sent by Baroness von Gunther to the depths of the sea in order to secretly offer up Tenebrus the Binder and his crew of Nazis to the King Beneath the Black in exchange for a new servant. But before the offer can be made, Nygma's submarine is attacked by the Suicide Squad, who stow aboard the ship in order to rescue the sub's engineer, Luc Fuchs. During the attack, Tenebrus is set free and attacks Nygma, but Nygma is able to catch the King Beneath the Black's attention with a musical recording of Zatanna. The King destroys Tenebrus and offers Rhakontys the Bringer as his new champion in helping the Nazis.



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