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Edward Nygma is a forensic scientist working at the GCPD Headquarters.

He quickly developed an attraction for fellow employee, Kris Kringle. However, she was romantically involved with an officer. When Tom Dougherty, her boyfriend, began physically abusing Kris Kringle, Nygma discovered the actions. Nygma threatened Tom and eventually murdered him.[2]

Kris at first mourned the loss of Tom. She received a letter from Nygma that he had written in the guise of Daugherty, claiming to leave town. However, he secretly encoded a message in the first letter of each line to spell out his surname.[3]

Nygma began to develop a more confident, and brazen personality in his head. The alternate voice would belittle him and demand more aggressive behavior from him.[4] Nygma eventually worked up the confidence to ask Kristen on a date.[5] She accepted and became attracted to his quirky personality. The two dated until Nygma informed her that he killed Dougherty. As she packed her belongings to leave, she began to feel emotionally distressed. When she threatened to report him to the police, Nygma attempted to stop her, accidentally killing her.[6]

Nygma initially mourned the loss of Kringle, as his other personality taunted him. When Nygma believed himself to be sleeping, his other personality took over and hid Kringle's corpse at the GCPD building. Nygma found the body, almost getting caught in the process. Nygma eventually merged with his other personality, accepting his murderous nature.[7] When Nygma went into the woods to bury Kringle's body, he discovered a wounded Oswald Cobblepot.[8] Nygma nursed Cobblepot back to health, as the two formed an alliance.[9]

As James Gordon and Leslie Thompkins became worried about Kris Kringle's disappearance, Gordon spoke with Nygma, informing him that are going to investigating the matter. Nygma became paranoid, falsely believing that Gordon suspected the truth.[10] As a result, Nygma framed Gordon for the murder of a fellow GCPD officer.[11]

When James Gordon escaped from prison and began looking to clear his name, he approached Nygma to ask for help. From Nygma's reactions and mannerisms, Gordon quickly deduced that it was Nygma who framed him. Before Gordon could react, Nygma electrocuted him into unconsciousness. As Nygma was preparing to kill and dispose of Gordon, he awoke and escaped from Nygma. Gordon went to Harvey Bullock and his allies and discussed the matter with them. Gordon asked them to gather the GCPD as they followed Nygma into the woods. Gordon sneaked up on Nygma, as the GCPD eavesdropped on the encounter. As Nygma admitted to the framing, the GCPD revealed themselves before Nygma could kill Gordon. Nygma was arrested and sent to Arkham Asylum.[12]





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