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Edward Nygma became the villain known as the Riddler, who constantly challenges Batman with tricky clues concerning his crimes, in hopes of becoming Gotham City's most outlandish villain.

He busted out of Arkham Asylum with a bunch of other criminals and formed a group consisting of Clayface, Mister Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Two-Face as they plan to stage a heist on the Gotham Gold Reserves. He put Two-Face in charge of collecting items for the heist, as one by one their fellow criminals were taken down by Batman and Robin. Managing to break in, Riddler and Two-Face basked in their victory, but were interrupted by the dynamic duo. After a fight the are both beaten and returned to Arkham. Years later, he teams up with The Joker to steal the Man of the Year award. and was the second to be defeated. He is later seen at the asylum. After the break out, he makes his way to Wayne Tower to battle Batman and is brought to justice.



  • Explosive Graffiti[2]




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