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Plastic Man is a crook turned superhero and a longtime ally of Batman.

Edward "Eel" O'Brian wasn't the noblest of hearts at first. A lackey under the leadership of the villainous Kite Man, Eel's greedy nature finally got the better of him when an encounter with Batman ended up sending him crashing into a vat of chemicals, giving him his trademark malleable form. Batman took pity on the crook as Eel started to turn his back on his life on crime, turning against his former boss and getting Batman to grant parole for him. In turn, Eel was able to use his powers for good, becoming Plastic Man.

He was first seen helping Batman and Fire take down Gentleman Ghost, although his thieving side got the better of him near the end. He was able to make up for it when he rescued Batman from the clutches of Gorilla Grodd. He later teamed up with Elongated Man and the two got into a fight over who Batman liked more. When Owlman had disguised himself as Batman, Eel joined the search for their presumed-turncoat friend, only to get captured by Owlman along with a number of other heroes. Batman, aided by an army of alternate dimension Batmen, rescued the heroes and put Owlman away.

When the monarch Mongul forced the heroes and villains of Earth to race against the Apokoliptian Steppenwolf, Eel joined his old sidekick Woozy Winks as his own car. Kite Man later reappeared, seeking revenge over Eel's betrayal by kidnapping his wife and son. Batman and Woozy aided Eel in rescuing his family and apprehending the criminal once again. Eel was later seen aiding Batman and the Freedom Fighters in defeating an invasion from Qward. He also appeared in Night of the Batmen, in which he, as well as other friends of the Caped Crusader, dressed up as Batman while the former was incapacitated.




  • His marriage to Ramona and having a son resembling him is similar to that of the TV series Plastic Man's marriage to Penny and his son Baby Plas.
  • In the flashback scene showing his transformation into Plastic Man, O'Brian's goggles melded to his face, whereas in all of his incarnations in comics, he can remove them at will.



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