Eddie Skeevers was the head of the Skeevers Crime Family in Gotham City and would often do business with the Falcone Crime Organization.

Skeevers was responsible for the importing, exporting, and trafficking of stolen goods. After the death of Carmine Falcone the organization began to fall apart. The once powerful empire started falling victim to smaller gangs like that of Oswald Cobblepot AKA "The Penguin". During a fire fight with Cobblepot's gang, Skeevers was shot in the knee, but was saved by Tony Zucco. During the ensuing battle Batman arrived, capturing Cobblepot, but unable to catch Skeevers and Zucco.

When transportation through ships and trucks became to risky, Zucco decided that he and Skeevers might be able to use vehicles owned by a legitimate business to transport drugs and guns. Zucco and Skeevers decided to choose Haly's Circus to act as their "legitimate business", but when the owner refused to give the two gangsters access to his trucks, Haly's star attraction, The Flying Graysons were killed in a manner that made it look like an accident. However, the Graysons' son survived, and returned to the circus. The boy knocked one of Skeevers' henchmen unconscious, but Eddie hit him with a pistol. Batman arrived and quickly defeated Skeevers, and rescued the child.

During the Columbus Day Massacre Eddie was attacked outside of a club by Mr. Freeze. Eddie pulled a gun on the villain, but was quickly frozen and presumably killed.


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