Quote1 Call me Ed; I run this paper and this building. In fact, you could say Guardian Heights is my body; and right now it's being invaded. Quote2
Ed Stargard src


  • Genius Level Intellect: Sometimes considered a power because of his incredible intellect even from his infancy; in fact Baby Brain has just been exceptionally learned in a variety of fields.
    • Computer Operation: Baby Brain is hooked up to various machines and computer interfaces that allow him total computerized control of his own building and with internet access and other connections he can extend his control further.
    • Business Management: Ed Stargard started his own newspaper / superhero reporter business and runs the entire building literally from his office.
    • Historiography: As Baby Brain, he was valued by his teammates for knowing various historical knowledge pertaining to whatever adventure they happened to be on.
    • Leadership: Ed Stargard runs the Manhattan Guardian, lead the Newsboy Army and is a sort of mentor and partner to the Manhattan Guardian.


  • Restricted Mobility: He's got the body of a baby and therefore can't walk on his own due to his old age.
  • Technological Reliability: He has special formula created to keep him healthy. He's also created a machine that keeps him in control of his building in case his body would ever give out.




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