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Quote1 No. Your sacrifice has just begun. The world can exist only in balance. If there is no Traveler, there can be no Destroyer. Quote2
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Edward Teague was a member of the Veritas Society.

Edward's wife, Genevieve, was a descendant from a family that had spent centuries searching for three legendary stones of power.[1] Together with Genevieve, Edward became involved in the search. He also joined the Veritas Society,[2] learning everything that Dr. Virgil Swann knew about an alien race called Kryptonians and a legendary savior from the stars called the "Traveler".[3] Together with Genevieve, Edward also got a son named Jason, in the 1980s.

After the deaths of both his wife and son, within a 24-hour period, in 2005,[4] Edward Teague went underground. Assuming the identity of a monk at St. Christopher's Cathedral in Montreal, Canada.[3]

Three years later, Edward encountered the Kryptonian Clark Kent, whom Edward believed to be the Traveler. However, seeing Clark's benevolent personality as a weakness, Edward tried to kill him. Edward also tried to kill Lex Luthor, but was stopped by Clark.[3] Edward fled on a private plane, but was murdered by Brainiac.[5]




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