Edward Wells A.K.A. Cormorant was an enemy of Batgirl.

Cormorant was an alcoholic ex-soldier and freelance mercenary turned contract killer.[1] He was hired by an unknown client to kill Luciana Alejo. It was initially thought to be Branson Moore, her political rival, but Wells attacked him too. Cormorant eventually infiltrated Alejo's building as a janitor and seemingly killed Batgirl. Jason Bard who was hired as her bodyguard and other security tried to hold him off but Bard was wounded and the others were killed. However, before proceeding any further, Batgirl threw a Batarang into his gun and it exploded, taking off his fingers. In order to escape, he held a gun to Alejo's head and threatened to kill her if they didn't let him go. Batgirl tried to negotiate with him, but before he agreed, Bard shot him in the head and merely claimed he saved his client from a psychopath.[2]





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