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The Folded Man was a dimension hopping ally of Elongated Man.

Edwin Gauss was a hippie who lived off-the-grid at a commune outside Central City. He was on a bus that was hit with a wave of dark-matter, granting him the metahuman power to enter pocket dimensions; immediately upon getting his powers, Gauss "folded" away and disappeared without a trace for several months. The Flash, Vibe, Elongated Man, and Killer Frost managed to track him down using the signatures from Gauss' folding, but Gauss got startled and folded away immediately. They pursued Gauss to his commune, and managed to catch up with him in time to save him from a Samuroid sent by the Thinker, though it stabbed Killer Frost.

Gauss was brought to the S.T.A.R. Labs pipeline, where he was told to stay for his own protection. During a conversation with the Elongated Man, he reveals he once folded into the Thinker's lair, though he was oblivious to this fact. Edwin tells the Elongated Man that he could do it again. The team planned to use Gauss to enter the Thinker's lair and end the threat once and for all, but the Thinker anticipated this and teleported into S.T.A.R. Labs as Killer Frost, Vibe, and the Flash get trapped in the Thinker's lair. The Thinker transferred his consciousness from the body of the Fiddler into Gauss temporarily, gaining his powers and killing Gauss before transferring again into the Elongated Man.


  • Dimensional Travel: Edwin Gauss could open up portals to pocket dimensions, some of which consisted of abstract areas according to Gauss. Initially, the power seemed to activate against his will, but through time Gauss was able to hone control enough to open a portal to specific dimensions, such as the Thinker's lair.