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The Folded Man is an enemy of the Flash.

Considered the greatest American genius since the days of Mr. Terrific, Edwin Gauss became the youngest graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His goal was to finish what Einstein had failed to do--the Unified Field Theory. Leeching off of electronics mogul Norman Bridges, he built a suit which enabled him to travel between dimensions, into the second and fourth dimensions. Bridges, however, claimed ownership of Gauss's suit, and has kept in hot pursuit of the genius, who is virtually unstoppable while wearing the suit as the Folded Man.



  • Folded Man Suit: This specially-designed suit that enables him to travel between dimensions. He can become two-dimensional or four-dimensional. In his 2-D form he is totally flat, isn't solid (hence, can't be hit) and is invisible when seen from sides. His 4-D form is really powerful: To the user, 3-D beings (as us) could be considered 2-D. Gauss can see anything in our dimension from all directions, and he can open portals at will, attacking enemies without early warning. [1] [2]


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