Sir Edwin was a past incarnation of the Doctor.

Sir Edwin Randall Makepeace was born in 1799 and became the Doctor of the 19th century. He died in 1881, his body was interred in London's Kensal Green, and his spirit resided in the Garden of Ancestral Memory. By the time of Armageddon, the spirit of Sir Edwin and the other Doctors had been unsuccessfully trying to restore Earth's condition prior to its devastation and later finding the planet's current Doctor after the recent Doctor Habib Bin Hassan succumbed to madness and his subsequent death. Sir Edwin's corpse was reanimated by Voodoo during the Knights of Khera's war on Earth, and was needed in making contact with the past Doctors in helping Earth. However, Sir Edwin's spirit informed her that the Doctors had been trying to and remained unhelpful to do anything.[1] Following the Knights of Khera's defeat, Sir Edwin's corpse became a puppet to Voodoo in helping her and the other members of the hero community in locating the current Doctor while his corpse act as a physical conduit to the past Doctors from the Garden.



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