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Goff (real name Eek Stack Ik Ik) is the ruthless queen of the Butterflies, and the leader of the invasion of Earth. She was one of the main targets of Project Butterfly, and the nemesis of Peacemaker.

Invading Earth

Eek Stack Ik Ik was the queen of the Butterflies, bug-like parasites with the ability to possess living creatures and enhance their strength and durability. She led them from their dying home planet to Earth, where they planned to coexist with the humans, the dominant species on the planet. However, Eek and the others decided to conquer the planet, with the only dissenter, Ik Nobe Llok, going off to create a team of humans to combat them.

Under Eek's leadership, the Butterflies infected thousands of humans across the globe, Eek herself possessing United States senator Royland Goff. Using a special cow to produce their food for them, they set up an effective secret government and food distribution system and were almost fully prepared to conquer the world by 2021.[2][1]

Project Butterfly

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  • Eek Stack Ik Ik was portrayed by Annie Chang when possessing Sophie Song, and by Antonio Cupo when possessing Royland Goff.


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