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Egghead is a criminal mastermind obsessed with eggs and an enemy of Batman and Robin.

Batman 1966

Egghead stole the Gotham City Charter from City Hall and learned that the city was actually leased to the city government by the Mohican Indians: if the descendants of Gotham City's founders did not pay nine raccoon pelts to the Mohican Indians — i.e. Chief Screaming Chicken, the last of the Mohicans — by midnight, the city's ownership would revert to the Mohican Indians.[1][2]

After capturing the millionaires, he intended to decipher Batman's true identity by using a device that would transfer Bruce's secrets to Egghead's. If it succeeded, Bruce would have been rendered a vegetable. The millionaires managed to escape, but the deadline had by now come and gone: Gotham City now belonged to Chief Screaming Chicken and Egghead, the city's new leaseholder. Egghead fired the city officials, banished Batman and Robin from Gotham, and opened up the city to the criminal underworld. However, when Bruce and Dick stole the City Charter and discovered a loophole stating that no-one with a criminal record could be a lease holder, Egghead was legally deposed from office.

He was among the Batman Villains assembled by the Joker, the Catwoman and the Penguin at Gotham Studios in a scheme to finally defeat the Dynamic Duo. Like all the other rogues, Egghead was later apprehended and taken into custody when Batman and Robin quelled the villain riot.[3]

Batman vs. Two-Face

At some point Egghead was apprehended and imprisoned at Gotham State Penitentary, where he and other members of the rogue gallery became guinea pigs for an experiment developed by Hugo Strange and Harleen Quinzel. Strange had invented a machine he called "the evil extractor," which he said could rehabilitate criminals by extracting all their evil schemes. Batman, Robin, and district attorney Harvey Dent visited the prison to witness Strange's experiment with the evil extractor. But unfortunately, in the course of that experiment, the evil extractor overloaded with the large amount of evil substances that it sucked out of the Penguin, the Joker, the Riddler, Egghead, and Mister Freeze, and the tank storing the evil gas exploded. When it did, the substance was sprayed directly into Dent's face, scarring it on the left side and transforming him into the super-villain known as Two-Face.[4]



  • Egg-shaped Weapons
    • Acid Egg[5]
    • Atomic Egg[5]
    • Egg Gun: Egghead used an egg-shaped gun when he abducted Commissioner Gordon from Gotham City Police Headquarters.[6]
    • Eggarang[5]
    • "Eggsplosive" Egg[5]
    • Laughing Gas Egg[1]
    • Lead Weight Egg[5]
    • Mind Control Egg[5]
    • Poison Egg[5]
    • Radar Egg[2]
    • Sneezing Powder Egg[5]
    • Sticky Egg[5]
    • Tear Gas Egg: Egghead once used them on Batman, Robin and Batgirl in order to escape from the Bannister Street Warehouse. These eggs were laid by hens on a diet of onions.[6]

Behind the Scenes

Edwin Self, whose father William Self was in charge of production of Batman for 20th Century Fox Television at the time, was admitted into the Writers's Guild on the strength of the source story, "An Egg Grows In Gotham"/"The Yegg Foes In Gotham," which Stanley Ralph Ross was instructed to dramatize for television. Ross explained to Joel Eisner in The Official Batman Batbook, as his "BatTalk" about the installments, "We will pay you full price, but we want to get this kid (Edwin Self) into the Guild." He also acknowledged to Eisner, in the same "BatTalk," having coined all the "egg" words that Vincent Price used in character.



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