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The Eidolon is a powerful immortal being formerly a part of the the Changers.


The Eidolon is a human who was not allowed to fully die. For a few minutes, he walked the regions between life and death and found nothing. He returned determined to spread the message that we are alone: There is no God and faith is meaningless. The Eidolon made it his task to punish those who would make life hell and those who would take away a fellow human's one and only life. He appears to have targeted religious groups particularly.


In the late 1990s, The Eidolon joined an underground group of superpowered beings (SPBs) known as The Changers. Led by John Cumberland (The High), this group planned to revolutionize human society by removing governments and laws and by providing free food, shelter, medicine, etc. to all the peoples of the Earth. The Changers' Doctor and Engineer promised The Eidolon that they would find a way that he might finally die and be put to rest. The Changers were ultimately defeated by Stormwatch and The Eidolon apparently killed by a former member of the Changers, Rose Tattoo.

Number of the Beast

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However, The Eidolon was revealed to be still alive (or, at least, still not dead) and in the custody of a US agency named Number of the Beast. He has been incarcerated in a virtual reality simulation, along with 666 metahumans previously thought to have been lost during World War Two. Of all the beings held in the Number of the Beast facility, only The Eidolon seems to be aware that 'The City' they live in and the events they are experiencing are not real. But the other subjects have ignored his warnings and treated him as an insane person that needs help.[1] This change after the addition of another new subject: The Eidolon's former colleague The High. Eventually The High released the program's prisoners including the Eidolon. With the events of Armageddon, the Eidolon conferred with The High on top of the Statue of Liberty's head observing a burning and flooded New York City, hinting to him about the released NOTB prisoners and others still having an impact on the post-apocalyptic world, and himself fulfilling the role of the death of Earth's survivors.[2] Hearing enough of Eidolon's morbid words The High threw him miles across the Atlantic Ocean where Eidolon subsequently landed in England.

World's End

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Due to his ability to gain more powers from surrounding death, and the widespread destruction brought on Earth by the High clones, Eidolon was in a mostly unbalanced state, likened to a drug addict continually fed new doses, and roamed the Earth leading a gang of sadistic murderers and fanatical followers, known as the Army of the Mad, to harness new deaths for himself.[3] He led an assault on the Carrier in London (currently called "UnLondon") and faced off against the Authority and Stormwatch Prime. When faced against the temporarily powerless Engineer (Angela Spica), Eidolon was kicked into a working Shift-Door and into the Bleed, banishing him and foiling his efforts in taking over the Carrier.[4]


  • Immortality: The Eidolon appears to be immortal, trapped in a state between life and death. He will reanimate after even the most severe injuries.
  • Levitation
  • Death Sensing: Can sense one's death across great distances.
  • Fatal Touch: Able to bring death with but a touch.
  • Cosmic Awareness

  • An eidolon is an astral double, phantom, or ghost. See Eidolon for further details.
  • It should be noted that, in the DC Multiverse and the Wildstorm Universe itself, there is empirical evidence that not just one God but multiple Gods and variations of the afterlife exist, so Eidolon may not believe or feel there is no afterlife but realistically there are mountains of evidence (in the Multiverse) that it exists. Why he could not find it is never revealed, possibly a punishment.



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