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Eiko Hasigawa is the heiress to the Hasigawa Family branch of the Yakuza, in Gotham City.

After Catwoman interfered with a deal she had been put in charge of, Eiko tracked the woman down and discovered her identity. Catwoman later disappeared and in her place, Selina Kyle took over the Calabrese Crime Family and united the families, with the Hasigawas a prominent hold-out. Knowing Catwoman had been retired, Eiko began dressing in her own catsuit to thwart her father's more morally questionable work, and to spy on Selina.[1]

Eventually, Selina discovered her activities, and the pair allied in trying to use Gotham's organized crime families to do good for the city.[2]

Eiko and Selina also had a romantic relationship once.


  • Within the Hepburn romanization system -- the most commonly used system of translating Japanese into the Latin alphabet -- "Hashigawa" would be the correct spelling of Eiko's surname.
    • However, using the two systems designed for native Japanese use (Nihon-shiki and Kunrei-shiki), "Hasigawa" is an acceptable spelling.