Eileen Flowers was a classmate and friend of Vanessa Kapatelis at Adams Junior High.

She lived with her father and younger brother in a cheap tenement. With her mother permanently hospitalized, care for her brother Frankie fell to her. The lack of funds and time meant she could not afford most things teenage girls desire, so she never gained much popularity. She became friends with Nessie, another unpopular girl. She was also struggling with depression. She conquered it, and it helped her put things in perspective.

Alone among Nessie's classmates, Eileen was not impressed with Nessie's friend, Wonder Woman. It got Nessie a boyfriend, albeit briefly, and a new best friend. Lucy Spears was new in town, and Eileen recognized much of her own struggles underneath her snobbishness and beauty. She suggested to Nessie that they should be friends, which worked so well Eileen was muscled out.

But while Eileen saw Lucy's struggles, Nessie did not, and she was devastated after Lucy committed suicide. Eileen berated her former best friend for being self-centered and blind to Eileen's own struggle as well as Lucy's, but she knew there was nothing Nessie could've done to help Lucy.

As most of Nessie's troubles came from her proximity to Wonder Woman, Eileen decided to throw a birthday party without the Amazon. It backfired, as the absence caused ridicule and a fight. Diana eventually showed up, but by that time, Eileen had already gone home angry, the last trace of their friendship gone.




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