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Ekin Tzu was the leader (Dai Lo) of the Lucky Hand Triad in Gotham City.

Ekin Tzu was manipulated into following Whisper A'Daire after her associate Kyle Abbot killed his wife Mei Ling and blamed it on the Russian gangsters of the Odessa mob. Although he was given an immortality potion which granted him raven-like attributes, his devotion to the teachings of the T'ung Shu meant that he surrendered his will to the Batman, since he bore the insignia of a most sacred creature. He later turned entirely against the Triad, determined to destroy it completely. His attempt was unsuccessful.

His position is later taken over by a woman named Kwan Lin. After she was killed by her bodyguard Silver Monkey,[1] the Triad fought over who should replace her, later discovering that Ekin Tzu was dead.[2]