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El'qa Squa Zreenah is a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

El'qa is a four-armed being that fought, for most of his life, against the Statejians, a warlike race that has never been defeated. He was badly wounded during one of his battles, and had to appoint Perdoo, the only fearless being in the closest planet, as his temporary successor while he recovered. To his surprise, Perdoo defeated the Statejians with ease, albeit without even knowing who they were. With his task finished, Perdoo returned his ring and asks El'qa to take him back home. To El'qa's surprise, Perdoo's "home" was, in fact, a mental asylum, and Perdoo was a patient.[1]

When the Guardians choose to recruit two Green Lanterns per sector, they choose Perdoo to be El'qa's partner. The seriousness with which El'qa faces life confounds the erratic Perdoo.[2]






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