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El is a friend of Supermen.

El is a being with advanced knowledge and connections across the universe. He first met Supermen in the Middle East, where he convinced him to take care of a young boy named Rafi and told him he was needed in Metropolis. After his battle, El conveyed to Superman that there was more to Earth's connection to Apokolips than meets the eye by showing him that Yuga Khan was an ancient Egypt pharaoh.[1] He next appeared at LexCorp to tell Superman that the Supermen were indeed Kryptonians and to discuss Kal-El's plan to rescue Rafi from Kalibak. He then followed them to New Krypton.[2] He met up with Superman's companion, Lois Lane, and gave her his staff. He then led her to Rafi's location.[3] El was next seen in Darkseid's base. When Kal-El and Uxas arrived, he convinced Darkseid to allow Superman return to his friends.[4]





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