El Papagayo was a notorious criminal who sought to reign supreme as the criminal overlord of Mantegua, a small nation from South America. Batman and Robin were notified of El Papagayo's activities and they decided to help the people of Mantegua by training a local hero, without success. El Papagayo tried to attack the Mayor of Mantegua, but he was eventually stopped by the Dynamic Duo, who brought El Papagayo to the local authorities.[1]

  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-Two era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and no longer apply.
  • Papagayo is the common spanish name given to the parrots of the Psittacidae species.



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