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A master trapmaker, famed around the world, El Sombrero was an enemy of Gaucho.

Later, El Sombrero joined the Club of Villains under the request of Doctor Hurt.[1] Along with Hurt, he recorded a video, revealing the plan to eliminate Batman's team, the Outsiders.[2] Afterwards, he designed a trap in Wayne Manor that was used to attack Commissioner Gordon, but it failed to kill him.[3] The traps at Wayne Manor were soon deactivated by the League of Assassins, while El Sombrero arranged a trap of red and black rose petals on Arkham Asylum. However, he was attacked and apparently killed by the Joker.[4]

He showed up in Argentina in the early stages of Batman's campaign against Leviathan. Now trapped in a wheelchair, he planned to torment Batman and El Gaucho by making them fight to the death. This proved unsuccessful, and El Sombrero was captured by the heroes and presumably passed on to the authorities.


  • Restricted Mobility: Currently, El Sombrero is trapped in a wheelchair and uses a computer to speak.

  • El Sombrero seems to have a modus operandi similar to the Pre-Crisis villain known as Eivol Ekdal. An engineer who built death-traps, he fought Batman twice before he was presumably killed by his criminal sponsors.
  • El Sombrero may be connected to the mysterious Doctor Dedalus, a recently-revealed figure active in Batman's early days, who wore a similar hat and was named for a master builder of traps and mazes.



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