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Elaine Belloc is the daughter of Michael Demiurgos, and the successor to the throne of Heaven, after The Presence abdicated.

She was first introduced in a story arc in which she attempted to investigate the mysterious death of her friend, Mona. She is shown to be able to talk to ghosts, and is adept with magic and the occult. When she found out the murderer is Mr. Waddington, the headmaster of Mona's school, Waddington attempted to subdue her, but she outsmarted him by lacing his drink with the ketamine tablets he placed in her mouth. She accidentally gets trapped in Mr. Waddington's dying mind, where her cries for help piqued the attention of Lucifer Morningstar, who takes an interest in her and helps her. Later on, after her grandfather, The Presence abdicates and leaves the throne, she is the only heir to the throne, as her father Michael, was the only other heir. In the aftermath of Fenris's attack on the Silver City, she absorbed her grandfather's power, becoming the new god.




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