Elainna Grayson is the daughter of the mayor of Bludhaven, Richard Grayson.

Batman Beyond: Rebirth

As the centenario of the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne approached, Bruce Wayne invited Dick Grayson and Elainna to the inauguration party of the Wayne Family Center of Tomorrow, Bruce's tribute to his parents and contribution to the rebuilding of Neo-Gotham. As Elainna and her father travel, exchanging stories about Dick's past as Robin, the two finally reach the place when the Joker comes back, blowing up the building while Elainna and Dick were in the elevator, together with Bruce and mayor Luke Fox.[1]

Saved by Batman and Robin, Elainna witnesses to a discussion between Bruce and her father about the fact another young boy took on the mantle of Robin.[2] Getting to the Batcave to be more safe, she will be involved in a confrontation with the Joker himself: the madman kidnapped Matt McGinnis and then tricked both Terry and Dick out of the Batcave, only to attack it himself with the objective of killing Bruce. Elainna, trying to defend Bruce and Matt, took a bullet to the shoulder.[3] Luckily everything came out all right, with her safe and the Joker dead after a natural heart attack. Using what happened to her as an example, Dick convinces Bruce to stop Matt being Robin.[4]

Becoming Batwoman

Even if she promised her father to never enter the superhero life, Elainna decides to steal the suit of Batman and become a vigilante herself when Terry McGinnis suffers an amnesia after the criminal False Face stole his identity, then dying without releasing it. Elainna tries to hide herself, but she soon gets discovered by the media, but also by Bruce and Matt who initially don't suspect she's the woman behind the mask.[5]After stopping a robbery of an high-tech weapon, Elainna answers to an alarm triggered in a Powers Technology facility due to high radiation levels, without knowing the source is the criminal Blight, apparently back from the dead.[6]

Fighting the radioactive monster, Elainna must find a way to quickly get away from Blight, as the radiations he emits are strong enough to penetrate the suit. Using a powerful explosive, Elianna tries to trap Blight inside the building, thus escaping. Sure that the monster will come back, Elainna retreats to recover, planning to face him once again.[7] She soon discovers that Blight is planning a personal vendetta on Bruce Wayne, planting several devices he calls "Devourers" inside Wayne Enterprises facilities around Gotham: after saving a young woman in one of those, Elainna heads to Wayne Manor, also attacked with the powerful weapons, and manages to save the home of Bruce thanks to the help of an unexpected ally, her father Dick Grayson. As soon as Elainna spots him, she leaves, fearing he might link her disappearance with the figure of Batwoman.[8]

At the mercy of Blight!

At the mercy of Blight!

Elainna decides then to attack Powers directly, even if she cannot access the suit's full potential as this would trigger Bruce's sensors and then they would be able to track her from the Batcave, and she's not ready to face Bruce or her father about her choices. Reaching one of the facilities of Powers Technology where Blight is, Elainna discovers that Powers and her colleague Constance Gustinov are trying to transfer Blight's conscience inside the body of Terry McGinnis, as Blight is dying due to the side effects of his radiations. Saving Terry, she leaves Blight behind as his toxicity reached a level that was lethal for any human being.[9] In his final act, Blight gets into and destroys the Batcave, trying to kill Bruce, but Elainna and Terry stop him from doing more damage, and then Terry takes care of him for the last time. As everything gets back to normal, Elainna confronts her father about her decision.[10]

Thanks to Barbara Gordon, Dick convinces himself to let Elainna be what she wants to be and with the permission of Bruce, Barbara gives her a prototype suit Wayne developed for the Commissioner himself, still stored in the old Batcave. Now with her own suit to wear, a brand new Batwoman steps into battle when Gotham City is assaulted by the League of Assassins, now led by the rebel Zeh-Ro, defending the city together with the rest of the Family.[11]


  • Gadgetry: Elainna has shown the ability to handle several gadgets of Terry's Batman suit while using it.[5]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): Elainna was able to handle groups of criminals and a member of the Jokerz Gang, dismissing them quite easily.[5] She also was a member of the United States Army, where she received combat training.[9]
  • Acrobatics
  • Demolitions: Elainna frequently uses explosives in her fight, showing experience handling them and using them in creative and multiple ways while battling an opponent. She also was able to cause the destruction of an entire building due to a powerful explosive, with the structure collapsing to trap Blight, and with Elainna coming out of it unscathed.[7]


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