Eldon Peck, also known as Brother Night, is a San Francisco-based sorcerer and enemy to Zatanna.

Early career

In the 1960's, Eldon Peck started his criminal and supernatural career by trafficking human souls in the San Francisco Bay area. According to John Zatara, who knew of Peck's work, the dark forces granted Eldon an extended lifespan in exchange for his services.

One of Peck's more notorious crimes was the hijacking of a bus full of children who were heading to Mount Diablo. Peck ritually killed thirteen children and arranged their corpses in an unusual manner. When the police attempted to found him three days later and wanted to arrest him, Peck uttered a single word and walked away while the police stood still as stones.

He had relationships with many women, some of whom bore him children. Jenny Myers was one of these; their son Dale Colton had no idea who his father was.


Years later, Peck made a move against the regular criminal element. He killed Alberto De Cecco, one of San Francisco's drug kingpins, which brought him on the radar of Zatanna and police detective Dale Colton. With the help of the nightmare demon Fuseli and the spirit of John Zatara. She first breaks his control over Fuseli, and with his help frees her father's spirit. In the ensuing fight, Peck is left in a catatonic state as he is carted off to San Quentin's Prison Infirmary.

Brother Night gained a following in prison, which gave him the power to attack a doctor and a guard. The warden called police and detective Colton came to investigate. Peck controlled most of the inmates, and with his magic drained them of their lives. Colton gave chase, but Peck's magic proved too much. As a parting shot, Brother Night hinted at the detective's parentage, which gave him enough time to escape. He returned to Club Bewitched and his criminal empire.





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