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Eleanor "Nora" Darhk is a member of the Legends. She is the daughter of their enemy, H.I.V.E. leader Damien Darhk.

Nora is the daughter of Damien Darhk and Ruvé Adams, executive members of H.I.V.E.[5] She witnessed her mother's death in the explosion that destroyed H.I.V.E.'s "Genesis" facility's control center.[6]

After the death of her father, Nora's name was changed to "Emily" and she was placed under the care of child services. Sometime later, Nora was targeted by the demonic Mallus. This resulted in her being committed to the Sumner Asylum, due to her possession being mistaken for mental illness.[2]

In 2017, John Constantine came to the asylum to free Nora from Mallus but failed. Constantine brought in the Legends to help him. Ray Palmer (who had encountered a future version of Nora) tried to befriend her and prevent her from becoming evil. However, the appearance of a time traveling version of her father, who promised that he'd one day return to her, caused Nora to turn against Ray. Afterwards, Nora was raised by the Order and taught to work with Mallus.[2]

In 2039,[7] Nora traveled back through to 1895, where she set herself up as the medium "Madame Eleanor". Allying herself with a spiritualist society, Nora managed to facilitate the recovery and resurrection of her father.[1]

Together, Nora and her father traveled throughout time. Looking for the six Totems of Zambesi, which were they only things able to kill Mallus, and causing changes to the timeline, to break Mallus free. They ultimately succeeded, and Nora's body was destroyed, when Mallus emerged from her body.[8]

However, her father and Ray Palmer traveled back to right before Mallus broke free. Using a weapon created by Ray, her father mortally wounded her. Tricking Mallus into abandoning Nora's body and take over his. As a result, Damien died in her place. Thanks to medical technology aboard the Waverider, Ray managed to save Nora's life. Afterwards, she chose to join forces with the Legends and fight against the army that Mallus commanded.[9]

Following the battle, Nora was taken into custody by the Time Bureau. But, before this, Ray gave Nora a time stone, that had belonged to her father. Allowing her to escape from the Time Bureau, if she wanted to.[9]

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  • Nora Darhk was portrayed as a pre-teen by Tuesday Hofmann in Arrow, by Madeleine Arthur as an early teen, and by Courtney Ford as an adult in Legends of Tomorrow.
    • Courtney is also the offscreen wife of Brandon Routh who portrays Ray Palmer/The Atom.
  • Nora was born December 2, 2003.[2]