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Eleanor "Nell" Potter is the aunt of Lana Lang.

Born and raised in Smallville, with her sister Laura. In high school, Nell dated Jonathan Kent.[1] They eventually broke up, but Nell still had feelings for him. After he married Martha Clark, Nell would often throw subtle insults towards Martha. After her sister and brother-in-law, Lewis Lang, were killed in the Smallville meteor shower of 1989, Nell adopted their daughter Lana.[2][3] As the girl grew up, Nell would tell her stories about Laura, with an emphasis on story. Lying to her about things like how Laura had loved cheerleading, when Laura had hated it.[4] In 2002, Nell met a man named Dean Winters, which led to a move to Metropolis to get married.[5] But, Lana didn't want to leave, eventually resulting in Lana moving in with the Sullivan family.[6] However, Nell stayed in touch with Lana and attended her wedding to Lex Luthor.[7][8]

  • While Nell left Smallville to be married, Lana would later claim that it's usually just her and Nell for Christmas.[9] It is unknown if Nell and Dean Winters actually got married or not.