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Quote1.png Unless you want to end up smaller than a flea, my little friend, I suggest you put all those foolish notions out of your pointed little head, right now! Quote2.png
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Electro was an evil alien ruler and enemy of Batman.

His advanced technology allowed him to alter the size of almost anything. Electro came to Earth in the hopes of conquering it by shrinking and hypnotizing Batman and Robin, hoping to use the miniaturized duo to infiltrate Earth's military bases and gain control of Earth's missiles and defenses.


  • Mind Control
  • Size Alteration: Can apparently alter his own size without the aid of equipment, however he is only shown doing this in the show's intro.



  • Shrink Ray: Developed a handheld shrinking device that can shrink whatever he uses it on and then restore it back to its original size if used again.



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