Quote1 You've got the exact same problem as your old boss. You talk too much. Quote2
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Originally an underling of the original Electrocutioner, the henchman that would eventually become his successor was in Gotham the Christmas Eve that Black Mask put a bounty on Batman's head. Hearing about his boss' death and that Batman had taken his shock gloves to use himself, the henchman immediately began planning to take up the mantel that his employer had left.

Several years later, after discovering the original Electrocutioner's prototype shock gloves and threatening a Wayne Enterprises employee to upgrade them, the new Electrocutioner attacked Batman as he left Monarch Theater carrying the corpse of his arch nemesis the Joker. Giving the hero a couple painful shocks, the criminal was detained when Batman shoved a Freeze Grenade into Electrocutioner's mouth and detonated it, freezing his head solid. Breaking the ice with a solid punch to the mouth, Batman left the villain on the rooftop, bleeding and missing teeth, for Commissioner Gordon to find.

However, despite telling Oracle to have Gordon pick him up, Electrocutioner was discovered and executed by the Arkham Knight, who admitted that, though Batman has won this night, the Knight will prevail when their paths eventually cross. [1]



  • Arrogance


  • Electrocutioner Suit: Electrocutioner wore a suit with circuitry that let him generate electricity from his hands. Electrocutioner controlled the amount of electricity generated, and could stun or kill a target with it.



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