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The first Electrocutioner was originally a vigilante in Gotham City, but his methods clashed with those of Batman. He subsequently turned to crime.


The Electrocutioner was a self-appointed executioner of criminals who slip through the hands of the law. He started a series of crook-killings in Gotham City with his electrically-charged suit. Electrocutioner was confronted by Batman on three occasions and only in the last one was Batman able to stop Electrocutioner's killing spree. During the final fight, the Electrocutioner fell through a window into the river below, but he survived the fall.[1]


The Electrocutioner returns to Manhattan. He encounters two muggers in Central Park and attacks them with lethal doses of electricity from his gauntlets. The Vigilante meanwhile, continues to cut a bloody swathe of bodies in the name of justice. He breaks into Charles McDade's limousine and shoots he and his lady friend Mona Simpson to death. That evening, Adrian Chase learns that the Electrocutioner is back in town as well as the continued actions of the Vigilante.[2]

Hawk and Dove

When S.T.A.R. Labs opened a portal to Limbo in operation Zeppelin. They did this as various deceased criminals wished to return to the earthly realm through the portal. These criminals included the Electrocutioner, Icicle, Clayface, El Papagayo, Iron Major and the Top. When Director Jeffrey Simon, creator of Zeppelin, disappeared, a rescue party went through the portal, and the villains captured them.

They bargained with their demonic jailer, a demon impersonating Etrigan, exchanging their prisoners to gain temporary mortal forms, and prepared to return to Earth. They were opposed by Hawk, Dove, and the Titans West. The battle was fierce, but the tide turned when J.E.B. Stuart came down from Heaven and gave Hawk his Haunted Tank. The false Etrigan offered them a way out through another portal, but he was merely toying with the dead villains, and when he sent them through a portal, it turned out to be an entrance to Hell.[3]



  • Electrocutioner Suit: Electrocutioner wore a suit with circuitry that let him generate electricity from his hands. Electrocutioner controlled the amount of electricity generated, and could stun or kill a target with it. A touch from one of his hands delivers a severe shock, but when both his hands touch a victim the circuit is completed and the victim dies.



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