Catsai was a skilled assassin and partner in crime of Dare the Terminator.

Elektra Kyle was a daughter brought up in the tough streets of Cairo, whose father was an ambassador for America. After his assassination, Elektra was taught the martial arts of ninjutsu and took the alias Catsai.

Hired by Tombstone the Ravager to assassinate Dare the Terminator, she and Dare struck a friendship and killed Tombstone instead.

The two began to work alongside one another, and both went to assassinate the Big Question, the crooked mayor of New Gotham City. Although she has no actual superpowers, Catsai is an expert with bladed weapons like Dare.

Catsai holds a love for cats and has a very sadistic streak about her, with "shadow-warrior grace and dominatrix passion....".



  • Headdress: The headdress Catsai wears is molded from an ancient artifact, the ceremonial wear of handmaidens of the great deity Nabu the Ancient One, an earlier incarnation of the being who trained Doctor Strangefate (Charles Xavier). It is unknown if the headdress grants Catsai any powers, although she is rumored to have "nine lives"



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