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Element Dog was an ordinary dog exposed to the Orb of Ra's power by Algon, the Ancient Element Man.

After the Orb was exposed to sunlight E-Dog lost his power. Later on Rex Mason used the Orb of Ra to return Element Dog's powers.


  • Unique Physiology: Element Dog possesses a physiology truly unique to him. Originally he was a normal dog until he was empowered by the Orb of Ra, giving him the ability to manipulate the elements within his own body and around him.[1]
    • Elemental Transmutation: Element Dog can transmute his own body to take on the form of any solid, liquid or gas.[2]
      • Flight: By turning into a gaseous form E-Dog can propel himself into the air.[2]
    • Powerful Jaws: As a dog E-Dog has teeth much sharper then any human's, allowing him to inflict impressive damage by biting someone. He can bite through rock as shown when he bit the arm of Algon.[2]