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The Element Girl was Urania "Rainie" Blackwell, a CIA secret agent who agreed to duplicate the accident that granted Metamorpho his powers, becoming a "Metamorphae" like him. Her powers were granted by Ammon-Ra, the sun god of Egypt. She can transmute her body to any elemental compounds and form it to her will.

Eventually, Rainie left the agency and sank into depression because of her appareance, becaming isolated from the world as she now felt she was a freak. She tried to kill herself many times, but her powers saved her every time. Then, Death of the Endless visited her apartment and advised Rainie to make a plea to the sun god Ra. She did as suggested and asked Ra to take away her abilities and allow her to die, and the god heard her request and finally allowed Rainie to die.

Element Girl was created by Bob Haney and Sal Trapani, first appearing in Metamorpho #10 (1967).

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