Elias is the eldest, most powerful and beautiful of the djinns.[1]

As the Creator made the djinns to be subjugated to the will of humanity, Elias urged them to fight back and free themselves from humanity once and for all. On a mission to the city of Makkah, Elias, 'Djinn' and another brother went to retrieve the infamous Stone of Souls, said to be descended from Heaven itself, but the stone was protected by children, and Djinn refused to kill them, provoking the anger of Elias. Revealing his true face, that of the Devil himself, Elias took her ring and made it her prison, forcing her to kill each of the children she had tried to protect, and her punishment had only just begun.[1]

Elias never stopped seeking the stone, and for thousands of years he put aside his hatred of humans to lend Djinn to other masters who might help him achieve his goal. She was called upon to perform the evilest of deeds over and over again, blood she can never wash from her hands. But a year ago a new master's khadim ("servant"), a boy named Dahee, felt pity for her. He stole the ring from his master's room and gave her her freedom. She ran and now she hides, using her powers in some small way to make amends for the horrors her magic has wrought. But she knows that Elias is still out there, which is why she must be careful not to use much power so that he does not perceive it and finds her.[1]





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