Elijah Van Dahl was the father of Oswald Cobblepot.

Elijah Van Dahl was the son of a wealthy family who fell in love with his cook, Gertrud Kapelput. His family forbid their relationship, so Gertrud ran away, not telling Elijah that she was pregnant. Some time later, she would give birth to Oswald Cobblepot.[1]

Years later, Elijah would fall in love again, this time with an waitress called Grace. Little did he know she was only interested in his fortune. He accommodated Grace and her two children.[2]

While visiting Gertrud's grave, he met Oswald, who revealed to be his biological son. He brought him in and offered Oswald a place to stay in his mansion.[1] With Elijah medical condition worsening everyday, he planned for Oswald be the one to receive his inheritance. However, before he could assign it with his lawyers, he drank the poison Oswald was supposed to drink.[2]


  • Terminal Illness: Elijah had a hole in his heart. Once it got bigger, it caused an infection on him.[2]



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