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Elise Kimble is the Persuader, a member of Clock King's Terror Titans.

Elise Kimble's father walked out on her mother when she was a toddler. Kimble's mother was cold and distant during her childhood, and Elise became a killer-for-hire during adolescence, killing her mother when she found out. She was approached by Clock King, who told her that she was an ancestor of the 30th Century criminal Nyeun Chun Ti: The Persuader.

Joining Clock King's Terror Titans as the Persuader, she donned a costume similar to that of the late Cole Parker, and like Parker, she too wielded a version of the Atomic Axe. She participated in the Terror Titans' raid on Titans Tower III, which nearly leveled the building.

Kimble and the other Terror Titans began abducting young metahumans for the Dark Side Club. One abductee was the neophyte superhero Molecule. Feeling that Molecule could not possibly be of any use to the Dark Side Club, Kimble sliced him in half with her axe, killing him.[1]

The Clock King finally reunited Kimble with her father. Kimble's father revealed that he had wanted to take her with him rather than leave her with her mother, but her mother said she would make it look like he abused her if he didn't leave Elise who as a dependent made her money. Elise embraced her father, but the Clock King killed him during the reunion, which he said would toughen her up.

In the wake of the Dark Side Club's metahuman slaves being unleashed on Los Angeles, she and her teammates escaped, to make their own way.

She was later seen working alongside Superboy Prime, having joined his Legion of Doom team.


  • Atomic Axe: The Persuader wields an atomic axe capable of cleaving through any known material regardless of density or tensile strength. The weapon she uses is the same Atomic Axe that her 31st century successor will come to use.



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