Quote1.png One book, two book, red book, blue. Which book's the witch book? Follow the clues. Harvest all the symbols, and put them in a row, burn them in the moonlight if you really want to know. There are still more my pretties. Harvest the cursed words. Bring them to me. Bring them to Haxan and together we'll force this academy to its knees! Quote2.png
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Elith Pio was an English teacher at Gotham Academy.

Her position was used by her colleague Mister Scarlet who had her pull confidential student files and used charms to use her in his quest for the Book of Old Gotham. Blinded with fury at his transgressions she used Tetch mind control hats to get a group of students together to burn the books Scarlet was so fond of.



Mind control hats



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