Quote1 Isn't that what mothers do? I saw it in a book. I swear. Quote2
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Eliza Danvers is Supergirl's adoptive mother and former D.E.O. agent.

When Cameron Chase got Supergirl to work for the Department in exchange for helping her restore her powers,[1] she appointed Eliza and her husband Jeremiah as the Girl of Steel's handlers. Kara was adopted by Eliza and Jeremiah and moved with them.[2]

Although intended to be an assignment, Eliza and her husband took their new roles seriously, treating her as their daughter and quitting their jobs when Mister Bones took control of the D.E.O. and started to hound Supergirl.[3]



Eliza's missing her right arm due to some undisclosed accident.

Acording Steve Orlando's comemnts on twitter, Eliza's based off an acquaintance of his who is a congenital amputee who doesn't use a prothestic because he feels he never needed one.


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