Elizabeth Alderman was a New York City councilwoman with high ambitions.

She coveted the Mayor's seat and campaigned for this position with a hard line stance against super-hero vigilantism. Her primary target in this crusade were the New Titans, who at the time, were still held in high regard by city officials. Alderman tried, unsuccessfully, to bring numerous lawsuits against the Titans on charges of destruction of public property. Alderman initiated an injunction which prevented the Titans from using their former island headquarters in the East River. One of the hallmarks of Alderman's initiative was the capture of the fugitive mercenary known as Deathstroke the Terminator. Even this however, turned into a public relations nightmare, as it was soon revealed that the man she had captured was not truly Deathstroke at all, but an impostor.

After her unsuccessful attempts to keep the Titans out of "her city" an evil version of Raven came into existence but needed a mortal body in inhabit. This new evil Raven decided to try to plant the seeds of Trigon's other unborn babies into new mortal bodies instead of the Titans. One of the people she chose was Ms. Alderman; under the influence of the seed and held under Raven's spell her campaign against the Titans increased ten-fold. Raven learned that she couldn't use any body but only Metahumans or those capable of withstanding the demon seed's energies. Elizabeth Alderman was driven insane from the energies and was sent to Nordling Asylum, but soon after arriving she died. The damage that Ms. Alderman dealt was not undone with her death, some of the lawsuits kicked in from her death and the Titans were forced to work under the watchful eye of Sarge Steel and the government as a whole.


  • Politician: Liz Alderman is a seasoned Politician vying for the positions of Councilwoman and Mayor as well as bringing many lawsuits against the Titans themselves.


  • Mental Instability: Driven insane by Trigon's seeds of destruction that were implanted in her by Raven.



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