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Beth Candy is a spirited, plump young woman and the head of the Holliday Girls of Beta Lambda Sorority. She's intrigued by Wonder Woman's stories of Themyscira, an island full of women, an all-girl utopia.

Beth and Diana met on spring break on the way to South Beach, FL, next to Fort Lauderdale, when the bus carrying her and her friends fell into a ravine in the rain at night and Diana saved them. To her, Diana was from a Paradise Island of science fiction lesbians — with a side of bondage.

Beth and the Holliday Girls also designed Wonder Woman's costume, and nominating Diana honorary member of Beta Lambda and a Holliday Girl. She accompanied Diana to Themyscira for Wonder Woman's trial to defend her, facing Queen Hippolyta herself, a trial for Wonder Woman's misdemeanor of protecting US Air Force pilot Steven Trevor, a man who crashed on Paradise Island, and taking him to the Man's World without the permission of the Queen.

All the other Amazons were disgusted by her appearance, although Hippolyta was impressed by Beth's tenacity.[1]


  • Beth said that her first crush was a girl named Sally-Jo Devlin, queen of the school debating team. Then it was a poor, dumb, handsome boy named Humphrey DeLaMere.[1]
  • She loves chocolate.[1]
  • She's modeled after actress Rebel Wilson.[citation needed]



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