Betty Harkness was the mother of Captain Boomerang.

Betty Harkness married Ian Harkness at a young age. Together, they lived in Kurrumburra, Australia and had a son, Tom.

When Ian went off to war, Betty had an affair with an American soldier, Walt Wiggins, who was stationed in Australia. Later, Walt returned to Australia as a salesman for a toy company and their affair continued. Betty soon learned she was pregnant with his child. She pleaded for him to take her back to the U.S. with her, but he refused. The child, George, was instead raised by Ian. Ian, however, was well aware of the boy's true father and treated him poorly because of it.

When George was eighteen, he got into trouble with the law and Ian kicked him out of the house. Betty gave him a plane ticket to Central City, where Walt lived. There, George eventually became Captain Boomerang, a member of the Rogues Gallery and enemy of the Flash.

Betty eventually died, not having seen her son since he left for America. He did return, however, for her funeral.[1]



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