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Quote1.png Nobody else even knows who I am, I feel like I'm going crazy. What's happening? Quote2.png
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A new Beth Kane appeared for Batwoman after Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Elizabeth "Beth" Kane was the sister of Kate Kane. When they were kids, their mother was involved car crash with Beth and Kate inside, leaving them hanging off the side of a bridge. Kate managed to pull Beth to safety, however, their mother plummeted to her death. Kate and Beth grew up close together, and eventually Beth majored in astrophysics, and decided to take a semester abroad.

Beth returned from her trip to celebrate her and Kate's birthday together, only to discover her sister didn't recognize her. Kate attacked Beth, thinking she was her evil sister, Alice, before Beth pepper-sprayed her and ran off. Kate tracked Beth down to the spot where they celebrate their birthday every year, and explained to Beth that she was currently on an alternate Earth, displaced from her reality due to a universal Crisis. Beth was able to accept this due to her background in astrophysics, and told Kate of their past together, as she remembered, including the car crash moment, which was the singular point that differed the most, as Kate had failed to save her own Beth, leading her to become Alice in this universe. After Kate gets captured by Mouse, demanding Alice be set free by the Crows, Beth went undercover as Alice in attempt to trick Mouse. Mouse saw through the disguise due to Beth not knowing the proper response to the Alice in Wonderland quote, "Are there any lions or tigers about here?", and threw her in the trunk of the car the hostages were in. Kate broke free and fought off Mouse & the Wonderland Gang, however, Mouse set the car on fire, trapping Beth in the trunk. Kate was able to break her free just before the car exploded in flames, however, redeeming her past mistakes in not being able to save her own Beth. Beth and Kate celebrated their birthday at Kate's bar along with Mary Hamilton and Luke Fox, however, Beth suddenly got a mysterious, painful headache, as elsewhere, Alice experienced the same.[1]