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Quote1.png Are you saying I don't know when someone's going to come? You're blushing under that mask again, aren't you? Quote2.png
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Twilight Lady was a vice-queen who was running a brothel out of New York City in the late 1960s.

She met the partners Nite-Owl and Rorschach after Nite-Owl knocked a thug through her door as she was tending to a client.

After being impressed by the dominating woman, Dan finds information on her and returns to her brothel to interrogate her on the whereabouts of a missing prostitute. Walter knew that Dan would continue to pursue the woman and decided to find the missing woman on his own. The two, along with Twilight Lady, found the missing girl in a senator's mansion and rescued her despite Rorschach's demands that they turn Liz in.

Insulted that his partner would resort to accompanying a known "whore monger", Rorschach decided to return to his church to listen to crime on the radio. Reverend Dean, as he had been known, instructed Walter to descend into the basement to retrieve some items for the night's ceremony. Walter found not only the bodies of Twilight Lady's girls but many more men and women of all ages. Reverend Dean trapped Walter in the basement and set it ablaze intending the pyre to reach the clouds.

The fire did, in fact, reach the clouds and notify Archie that there was a fire downtown. Racing to the scene with his new companion, Dan and Liz arrive in time to rescue Walter from the burning building. While Rorschach was rescued Twilight Lady confronted the Reverend intending to extract revenge for the deaths piled below them. However, the Reverend got the upper hand and nearly choked her to death until Nite-Owl knocked him away and, much to Nite-Owl's dismay, Rorschach stabbed him with his "End is Nigh" sign.

Liz later sent a signed picture to Dan's home before calling him for the last time. She admitted she loved him and that he deserved a good girl. She hung up the phone and removed herself from the young hero's life thereafter.