Elizabeth "Black Betty" Rowan was the apprentice of the sorcerer Jeremiah Cain since she was 16 years old, likely after having been chosen through mystic means. Although she received detailed instruction from Cain, she eventually decided to remain his aide rather than become a sorceress herself - though she has manifest mystic potential, she decided she wanted to still have a chance at a normal life. Even as a "mere" aide to the most powerful sorcerer, Black Betty went through many mystical and adventurous experiences including adventures into other dimensions and mystical combat against things man was not meant to know. Early on she and Jeremiah dated, but it did not work out - she was younger than the 200-year old Cain, and their relationship was too far along a mentor/mentee track. Due to Jeremiah Cain's notability in the hero community, Elizabeth earned a fairly amount of fame and eventually became a full professor of metaphysics at Hudson University.

In late 2005 or early 2006, Jeremiah Cain astrally projected his soul/consciousness for unknown reasons and did not come back to his body. Faithfully, Betty looked after her mentor's comatose body, covered the truth (since the knowledge that Jeremiah was comatose would trigger a number of mystical attacks and invasions) and waited patiently, though with slowly rising fear and sadness, for the return of the master's astral soul to his body. Black Betty later became involve in the New York City post-human massacre to help StormWatch defeat one of their foes, who was also a recurrent villain for Jeremiah Cain, the Ferryman.[1]

In 2007, Black Betty was contacted by Jackson King to join Stormwatch PHD; she accepted, in part since she was afraid that Cain might never come back and that humanity would be forever bereft of the considerable line of defense he represented against other dimensional and mystical threats. She quickly found herself comfortable among the team, and was as she hoped very helpful in developing police and military countermeasures against mystical threats.

World's End

In the wake of Armageddon, Black Betty took the event hard when her team requested her mentor Jeremiah Cain's help as his power could undo the cataclysm, but only for her to reveal the truth of Cain's comatose state. Instead, she came to her mentor's home and magically teleport it and herself to another dimension. Though her intentions suggest that she is trying to find help, as it is unlikely she would be the type of person who would run away.[2] But in the process, Elizabeth became "irreparably catatonic" as described by Jeremiah Cain, who returned to Earth to seek its destruction.[3]


  • Magic Defenses: Being the apprentice of a sorcerer Elizabeth possesses several magical defenses created by her master to protect her.
    • Accelerated Healing: Thanks to one of her magic defenses Black Alice can recover from injuries at an accelerated rate.
    • Black Betty has a magical tattoo on her chest capable of causing pain, nose bleeds and seizures to her enemies.


  • Occultist: Betty is an expert of the occult and skilled in the ways of magic, but is not a able to do magic. Due to her knowledge she is particularly good at identifying weak points in mystical opponents, and other countermeasures.



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